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Helps you roll your shoulders backwards

Activates underactive muscles in your upper back

Helps support your lumbar region when doing physical work

Helps you maintain the best possible posture

Helps you relieve tension and pain in the back and neck

After 14 days we will charge you 70 GBP and send you three of our Posture Shirts and our own Luxury Back Support! (Total value: 177 GBP!). You can cancel the subscription at anytime. If you cancel before 14 days, you will only be charged for the intro offer!

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After 14 days, we'll charge you 70 GBP and send you THREE more of our Award Winning Posture Shirts + our own Luxury Back Support!

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You can stop the subscription whenever you want! And if you cancel it before 14 days - we'll not charge you anything other than the intro offer!

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Love Your Back
and It’ll Love You Back
Finally! A perfect shirt for people who keep experiencing irritations, pains, or tension throughout a typical day. Here are posture shirts that work magic to relax your body. Physical work or even a stroll down the street can be strenuous and can cause a strain to your posture and entire health. Research has shown that muscles seem to get bored and forget their place. Thus, causing an ugly shapeshift.
Huge benefits
  • Become a MyPosture-Family member
  • Recieve 3 Posture Shirts + Luxury Back Support
  • You choose the size and gender!
  • Posture products for your whole family!
With the texture and technology of our posture shirts, all your underactive muscles get stimulated and your body (and mind) get constantly reminded of their position, thereby straightening your back. The Posture Shirt helps you to maintain a better posture than what many people (including so-called bodybuilders) have today.
The Kinesio technology used in the manufacturing the Posture Shirts has proven for several years of research to be directly involved in pains relieve. No wonder it is being used by sports athletes and 255.000 more people from all over the world.
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Frequently asked questions

Can i cancel my subscription and how?

You can always cancel your subscription. You can do this by contacting us at: [email protected]! Remember; if you cancel before 14 days after you've placed your intro-order, you will NOT be charged anything more than that.

What does the Family Box contain?

Our Family Box contains three of our award winning Posture Shirts and our Luxury Back Support!

Do you have customer service?

You can reach us both by e-mail, phone and Live-Chat. [email protected] and +44 20 3318 7076

What's your company information?

Company name: Posture Clothing ApS (VAT: DK38597086). Address: Brunbjergvej 1, 8240 Risskov, Denmark. E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +44 20 3318 7076.

This is the MyPosture-family subscription. After 14 days we'll send you three of our own Luxury Back Supports (Total value of 177 GBP at our webshop). We'll charge you only 70 GBP after 14 days and then again quarterly, where we'll send the Family Box once more!
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